Why My Baby Cries


Crying is a baby’s way of communicating. Some cry for up to four hours a day. But that doesn’t make hearing it any easier for parents.


So what can you do to help your baby?

First, know why your baby is crying

  • Is he hungry?
  • Too hot or too cold?
  • Does her diaper needs changing?
  • Could he be teething?
  • Is he getting sick? Does he have a fever or other signs of illness (stuffy nose)?
  • Is she colicky?
  • Is she bored, tired, or overstimulated?
  • Could he be frightened by a loud noise or by strangers?


Soothe your baby

  • Respond quickly when your baby cries during the first few months of life. If you respond quickly to your baby's cries, she may cry less overall.
  • To soothe your baby, play soft music, walk with her, rock her, hold her in a sling or front carrier, or swaddle her in a blanket as you carry or hold her. Car rides and soft noises, like running water, sometimes can be soothing. Record sounds or buy CDs that calm your baby.
  • Call your baby's medical provider if you can't soothe her or if she pulls up her legs or passes gas often. She may have colic (intense crying for more than 3 hours a day).
  • Calm yourself in order to calm your baby: count out loud to 10 or more; turn on your favorite music; phone a friend or relative for support or to come over and help out; write down your thoughts; call your baby’s doctor.
  • NEVER EVER SHAKE YOUR BABY! Babies cry a lot. If you’re stressed, place your baby in his crib and walk out of the room for a few minutes until you can calm down. Shaking your baby can seriously injure or even kill him. Please make sure any caregiver knows this as well. For more information, go to www.dontshake.com


For more information about crying, please check out these resources:

  • Information on Soothing Your Baby When He or She Cries from the March of Dimes website.
  • We can help. If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please call Children's Services Council at 1.888.634.7900.



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